Thursday, April 8, 2010

Antique Pot Painting

This one is a Antique Pot Painting with Mseal on it. I am proud to say that each piece of work in this flower vase is done by me. I created this pot in one of our office celebrations where they had made arrangements for pot making. I tried this design. Then i let it dry for a week and painted it with black and golden colour inorder to give a antique look. I then did a stem-leaf design on the pot with mseal.

The flowers and leaves are done with paper and i came to know this method of making shapes is called Origami. I painted 2 whole A4 size sheets, one with bright orange and other with green. I then cut them into small pieces and made flowers and stem and attached them. Same way i made leaves too. I kept a small amount of soft cotton inside the pot and inserted these flowers and leaves into them so that they stand erect.

I really enjoyed doing this and this one is an inspiration for me to try a bigger pot.


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