Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Poha(Aval) Upma

I havent seen this in Tamilnadu and i was suprised to see as a popular breakfast receipe in Karnataka. I generally like poha (called as aval in tamil) soaked in Jaggery juice as it is one of the common snack that my mom make after i come back from school.

I got interested towards this and researched to see how this is made. Found the receipe so easy and can be made in 10 mins time for breakfast.

I added my creativity by adding grated carrots before removing from flame. Nowadays if i prepare this for my daughter i'm also adding fried cashew pieces. Try this and let me know your valuable comments :)

Items Required:

Aval (Poha) - 1 Cup washed and soaked in little amount of water. After 5 mins, make sure the poha has become soft and no water remains. Dont soak for too long as the poha might get smashed.

Onion and Green chilly - finely cut into small pieces
curry leaves
Mustard seeds, channa dhal, urad dhal and oil for seasoning.
carrot - grated
coriander leaves


Heat oil in kadai and add the seasoning items. Now add the onion, green chilly and curry leaves and fry them well. Add the poha, sait and turmeric powder. Mix all of them for a minute. Now add the grated carrot and nicely cut corriander leaves and switch off the flame.

This can be prepared quickly and is a tasty breakfast.

I would love to submit this for jihva event hosted by Suma of Veggie platter.

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  1. Thanks for the yummy poha. Coconut poha is one more quick recipe. There are also gojjavalakki from Karnataka & Maharasthrian style poha. Just thought to mention incase if you are interested. :))


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