Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Dear friends, its been a really really long time that i even opened by blog. But it has been always in my thought. Though there are not much a crowd following for my blog, i feel guilty when my friends inquire about my blog, whether its up to date or not. :)

So today am breaking the starting barrier. This auspicious day, am starting to update my blog again. Hopefully this continues and i get to learn, explore and enjoy the art of cooking...

During my short vacation to Brisbane, i got the pleasure of trying out Veg Pizza at home since we had a Microwave oven. I didnt prepare the base at home. The outcome was simply awesome and my daughter started asking me to make Pizza once in a week.

Here goes the recipe:

Pizza base - i get only those made of wheat.
Tomato puree or ketchup - Fresh tomato ketchup can be used if making puree is difficult
Mozarilla cheese
Vegetables - Onion, tomato, Capsicum(green, red and yellow colours), baby corn, mushroom
Chilly - cut into small pieces (optional)

1. Grate the cheese and keep it aside.
2. Cut all the vegetables in the equal size.
3. Take the pizza base and spread the tomato ketchup evenly on it.

4. In a microwave bowl, spread little amount of oil and put the vegetables except tomato, sprinkle little salt and keep it inside the oven for 2 minutes. The idea is to half cook the vegetables and to make it little crispier. If needed keep the veg for 30 more secs.
5. Now in the pizza base with tomato ketchup on it, spread a layer of grated cheese on top of it. Now add a layer of all the vegetables evenly. Now add another layer of cheese above the vegetables. Sprinkle very little salt over it.

6. Keep this in microwave for 2 mins. Since the vegetables are already cooked, we just need the base to become soft and cheese to melt and mix with the vegetables. If it needs little more cooking, keep it for 30 more secs.

7. Take it out and serve it with sauce.

This is my first attempt to make pizza and i was surprised to see, it came out really well. Home made hygienic pizzas that are tasty. :)

Try it and tell your comments.

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