Monday, October 10, 2011

Roti Pizza

I came across a slightly similar dish of this kind and suddenly thought i can tweak it to my interest and can make my daughter eat it. Its a slightly lengthy process, but at the end a very delicious and a new tiffin of its kind.

Items required:

Onion, juicy tomato and green chilly - chopped into small pieces

Cauliflower, capsicum, Carrot and Cabbage - chopped into small pieces

Cheese - grated

Oil and salt - as required
Wheat roti - as required


Heat oil in a kadai and add onion and chilly pieces to it. Then add the vegetables one by one and mix well. At the end add the chopped juicy tomato pieces to it. Sprinkle required amount of salt. Keep it in medium flame and close the kadai with a lid. keep mixing the veg nicely for every 2-3 mins and make sure the veg are cooked nicely.  Once the vegetable is cooked nicely remove from heat and keep it aside.

Now take a roti and place it in a plate. Now spread a layer of grated cheese and another layer of veg masala done above. Add another layer of grated cheese again. Close this with another roti now. Place the above arrangement in a roti tawa and heat it mildly so that the cheese melts and mixes with the veg masala nicely. Slowly turn the other roti down and again keep it in medium flame for few mins and remove from tawa.

Cut the above rotis into 4 pieces and serve it with sauce. Roti pizza is ready. This is a healthy dish for children as it has wheat rotis, lots of vegetables and cheese. It is a colourful dish too and i am sure kids will enjoy it.

Try this and let me know your comments :)


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