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Thakali Kurma / Tomato curry in coconut based spicy gravy

Before marriage, my mom doesn't make any kurma varieties as my dad doesn't eat garlic, cinnamon or any of the whole spices. So my mom never tried any recipes which requires whole spices as a major ingredient. In a way even i am not used to a strong flavor of cinnamon or garlic.

Story changed after my marriage and my hubby loves the flavor of cinnamon / garlic and other spices. Though he likes chutney and sambar varieties as well, his preference goes to these kurma varieties only. Though i have tried various versions of kurma, i didnt get the perfect taste and flavor for a very long time. 

After researching many websites, getting the recipes from many of my friends and doing lots of trial and errors, i have finally ended with this recipe, which goes very well in my family now. This kurma is a very good accompaniment for Idiyappam, appam, idly, dosa, chapathi.....

On the health aspects, tomatoes are an excellent source of vitamin C, biotin, molybdenum, and vitamin K. They are also a very good source of copper, potassium, manganese, dietary fiber, vitamin A (in the form of beta-carotene), vitamin B6, folate, niacin, vitamin E, and phosphorus. On the other hand coconut has its own health benefits. Its unique combination of fatty acids can have profound positive effects on health. This includes fat loss, better brain function and various other amazing benefits other than offering exotic flavor to the dish.


Ripe tomatoes - 4 (cut into small cubes)
Onion - 1 (cut into small cubes)
Turmeric powder - a pinch
chilly powder - 1 tsp or adjust according to taste
corriander powder - 1 tsp
Salt - as required

For seasoning:

Oil - 2 tbsp
Mustard seeds - 1 tsp
Cinnamon stick - a small piece
cloves - 2
curry leaves - 1 twig

For grinding:

Coconut - 4 to 5 thin slices
green chilly - 1 or 2 (adjust as per taste)
garlic - 2 pods
ginger - a small piece (half as that of garlic)
Poppy seeds - 1 tsp
Cashew - 4 or 5


1. Heat oil in a kadai and add mustard seeds to it. Once the mustard splutter, add the whole spices and then onion and curry leaves. Add salt as required. Saute them for a while till onion turns translucent. 

2. Now add the tomato pieces and saute the tomato again with onion.

3. Add the dry powders now and lower the flame. Let the tomato get cooked in the spice powders now.

4. Now add the ground coconut paste to the mix. Adjust the consistency of the kurma if its too thick.

5.  Let the kurma get cooked for few mins.

6. Once the correct consistency is reached, switch off the flame and transfer the kurma to a serving bowl. Sprinkle finely cut corriander leaves on top of it.

7. Serve hot with Idiyappam/Appam/idly/dosa. 


1. Sambar powder can be used instead of chilly powder and corriander powder.
2. Cashew can be replaced by fried gram when grinding coconut. Cashews give a richness to the dish, but it is completely optional.
3. Instead of whole spices used during seasoning, a tsp of garam masala can be used when dry powders are added.


  1. Sooper Anu. I have tried similar kurma recipes too. Nice presentation of the recipe. Happy cooking and happy blogging


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