Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bajji (Onion/Potato/Paneer)

Bajji is one of the most favourite snack item in Tamilnadu.  With the bajji batter in hand, different varieties of bajji can be made. A cup of tea and a plate of Bajji makes a perfect combo for evening.

Items Required:

For the batter:

Gram flour - 2 cups
Rice flour - 2 tablespoons
Chilly powder
Hing / perungayam
Oil - for deep frying

For the stuffing:

Onion, Potato, Raw banana or plantain, paneer - skin peeled, cleaned and cut into thin and long pieces.


Mix all the items given for the batter into a 'not so thick and not so watery' consistency. Keep it aside.

Heat oil in a kadai. Once the oil is ready for deep frying, take a piece of onion, dip it in the batter and slowly leave it in the oil. Same way dip the other stuffings in the batter as well to make different types of bajjis.

Once the bajji is cooked, keep them in a tissue paper or news paper for few mins for the extra oil to be absorbed.

When the Bajji is ready, transfer them to a serving plate. Serve hot with Coconut chutney.

Try this mouth watering snack and provide your comments :)

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