Thursday, May 6, 2010

Potato Capsicum Masala

This is one more out of my creativity (hihihi) I used to watch my north indian friends bring this one for their lunch. The dish looks so impressive that one day i started making it myself assuming the ingredients. Thank GOD! it came out well and went on very well with Chapathis :) One more good thing about this is, we could eat capsicum in the form of poriyal too apart from adding it to the sambar.

Items Required:

Potato - 2 nos.
Capsicum - 1 big no.
Onion - 1 big no.
Garam Masala - little
Chilly Powder - little


Cut the vegetables in cube shapes. Let the pieces be not too small neither too big. Now heat oil in a kadai and add the mustard seeds and jeera. Now add the onions and ginger garlic paste and fry it well. Once the onion turns to golden brown colour, add the potato pieces. Simmer the flame and saute the mix nicely and leave it. Keep checking if the potato is getting cooked. Once 80% of the potato is cooked, add the capsicum pieces to the mix and add a pinch of turmeric powder and required amount of salt. Do not cook the vegetables with water. Let it get cooked in the oil itself. Now add required amount of chilly powder and garam masala and a teaspoon of oil and mix the masala well. Remove from flame after 5 mins.

This goes very well with Chapathi. Ladies finger can also be added to this recipe. But for that the ladies finger pieces have to be deep fried first and then it should be added to the above recipe.

Do try this and let me know your comments :)


  1. Hai anuradha never tried this two combination will try.

  2. I'm sure you will love it. Let me know how it turned out :)


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