Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kuzhi Paniyaram (Spicy)

This is one of the famous dish in chettinad side of Tamilnadu. I generally use idly batter itself for preparing this and havent felt the taste as less in any ways. This is one of our favourite dish which will be there every sunday. Spicy tomato chutney and coconut chutney are the best combination for this.

Items required:

Idly batter
Onion, green chilly, corriander leaves - finely chopped
Salt - little
Mustard seeds, urad dhal - for seasoning


Mix all the ingrediants. Make sure the batter is not so thick and not so watery. It has to be in medium thickness.
Now heat the paniyaram kadai and add oil in each of the hollow.

Once the oil is hot enough, pour little batter in each of the hollow. Increase the flame and wait till one side is cooked nicely.

Now with the help of a sharp spoon, turn the paniyaram so that the other side gets cooked well.

Once the paniyaram is cooked and turns golden brown in colour, remove from the kadai and serve hot with any spicy chutney :)

Grated carrot can also be added to the batter for variation. Try it and let me know your comments.


  1. Very nice one Anu...I just love it :) Naalu inipu paniyaram, naalu kara paniyaram vachu sapta supero super....Loved your presentation.

  2. Anu,, ennanga paniyaram ellam poetu asathurengalae inga naan paniyaram saapte oru varusham aachu poena trip India vanthappo sapten en amma seithu koduthanga apdiye thengai chutney vechu kodutha poeda poeda saaptu te iruppen,,super paa well presented.

  3. Manju, inippu paniyaram seiya kathukanum :) then nee solli irukka combination best :)

  4. Sathya, neenga endha oor la irukeenganu theriyala...but dosa batter nalla varum apdina adha vachi senji asathidunga :)

    Thanks for your comments :)

  5. Yummy Yummy Anu

    appadiye chennaiku parcel annupunga

  6. Kuzhi paniyaram looks superb, dear...Me too use the left over batter to fix it sometimes. You know...I was so thrilled to pack this tawa from back home to here, this year:):)

  7. Malar, Thanks for your comments :) Yes, its a fav dish for almost all south indians :)

  8. wow anu really delicious paniyaram..i like this paniyaram its similar to our snack Unniappam..but the paniyaram have lots of varieties..This one is really yummy

  9. Wow!! Paniyaram looks so delicious.New here .U have a lovely space .Do drop by
    when time permits

  10. Thank you Praniskitchen :) will learn unniappam from you then :)

  11. Hi Padhu, welcome to my blog. I'm following your blog and your posts are very creative :)

  12. First time here Anuradha , you have lovely blog will be back for more.

  13. I don't think I've ever had anything like this but that looks delicious...liked your step by step presentation.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Paniyaram is so cute n crispy as well anu.Welcome to the world of blogosphere.Best wishes.Following you.

  16. Hello Nisha, Suman, Suma and San, thanks for all your comments :) They really mean a lot. :)


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