Monday, April 19, 2010

Oats Dosai

I started eating oats during my pregnency and thats the item that i hated to the most during that period. Then somehow i became too diet-centric (hehehe) and started liking all the vaieties done with Oats. It went upto a level that i impressed my hubby also to start eating oats :)

Items required:

Oats - cleaned nicely and soaked in water. Add required amount of salt and mix it well. Let the batter be not so thick and not so thin. To add more taste to it, i seasoned the batter with mustard and jeera seeds. I also fried some onion and green chilly and added that to the batter too.

Now make tasty dosas with this batter and serve hot with any spicy chutney !!

Important: This is best to be eaten hot. If you leave it for sometime and then have it, it completely loses its taste.

Enjoy cooking oats dosai and do let me know your comment!! :))


  1. Oats dosa very nice and healthy.Will give a try.

  2. Hi Vineela, Welcome to my blog. Please try that and let me know. :)


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