Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sweet Potato Boli

Items required:

Sweet potato - boiled and skin peeled off.


Make a dough of maida with little salt and oil. Keep it aside. Now smash the sweet potato nicely. Let it be a nice paste. Now soak the jaggery in water. Once all the jaggery dissolves, filter it nicely. Heat little ghee in a kadai and add the jaggery water to it. Once it becomes slightly thick, add the smashed sweet potato to it and mix them well till it becomes a nice paste. Remove off from flame.

Now make chapathi with the maida dough. Spread little oil on top of it and keep small amount of the stuffing inside. Close on all the sides and slightly press it into a chapathi again. Put it in a tava and add ghee to the boli. Remove the boli from the tava once it is nicely cooked.

For children who doesnt eat sweet potato this can be an alternative.

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