Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My daughter's School Annual day celebration...

It was Annual day celebration in my daughter's school that day. My daughter was participating in 2 performances that day and we have been asked to dress them up for the performances. I started to collect all the accessories for her for both the dresses, one a party wear and the other, traditional wear.

As the D-day came, i got excited to see my daughter and all other children on stage. I made her sleep for couple of hours during the morning session, as i thought she would be OK in the afternoon session during the function...Then i started packing all the items for her and we started to the hotel around 2:45. We reached the place by 3:15. My daughter got excited to see her school mates there and she started running towards them. We both got equally excited :)

The welcome board at the entrance looked very good. They collected the invitation cards and let us inside. There was hand painting going on for kids at one corner and she preferred to have roses in her left hand. We roamed around for sometime and found place in the first row thinking we would be able to see the performances clearly :)

It was time for the program to start and me and my hubby went to the dressing room to dress up my daughter. She was very happy to wear the dress, its accessories and all the new things.

First was the apple kids prayer which was performed by the Pre-KG children. Then came a another performance by pre-kg kids on "Good habits". Third is the apple kids song by playgroup children, in which my daughter participated. That was a beautiful performance by them and on seeing the others everybody started performing :) Then was a magic show followed by few performances by Pre-KG children again. At the end is the performance for the song "Mile Sur Mera thumara" by children from both playgroup and Pre-KG.

Then is the certificate and the prize distribution for the kids. That was a wonderful moment for all the parents. Be it playgroup or Engineering or what ever it is, when the kids get a chance to enter the stage, thats the best moment for the parents. My daughter gave us the pride 5 times, when she received her certificate, 2 medals for coming up first in 2 sports events, a prize for coming up second in fancy dress competition and a cup for star performance for the year !!

That was a wonderful day for my parents too, as they enjoyed a lot seeing my daughter getting recognised.

We took photographs of our daughter with all her teachers and aunties and then had a high tea and left for the day. We completed the excitement by having dinner in a restaurant. :)

As a token of appreciation, her dad got a phonetics story book from Crossword for her.

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